Melissa Honors Military Banner Program

Melissa Honors Military is a program supported by Melissa Rotary Club and facilitated through the City of Melissa.  Banners with the individual's photo and name along with U.S. Flags are displayed around the Melissa City Hall each year from Memorial Day through Patriots Day, recognizing those who have graduated from Melissa High School who are currently actively serving in the U.S. armed forces.
Melissa Honors Military began in 2016 with a group of military moms who approached the City of Melissa with a way to recognize local graduates for their commitment to service.  Previously through donors, and now through the support of the Melissa Rotary Club, the banners are free of charge to those who meet two requirements:
1.  The service member must be a graduate of Melissa High School.
2. The service member must be currently serving in an active duty capacity
This second requirement is not to take away from the importance of veterans or guardsman but is due to the limited capacity for banners.
Through former Mayor Greer and current Mayor Northcut, the City of Melissa agreed to assist with displaying the banners around City Hall each year.  With a total capacity of 34 banners, the original banners from 2016 have been "retired", as are the oldest banners periodically, to make room for new recognition.
If you are aware of a graduate who is currently and actively serving in the United States armed services and has yet to have been recognized with a banner, please have a family member fill out the downloadable form (see side panel) and scan and email it to: