Join us in observing six important national holidays each year by leasing a flag for your property. We'll do all the work!

Holidays We Display Flags

Memorial Day (last Monday of May)
Flag Day (June 14)
Independence Day (July 4)
Labor Day (first Monday of September)
Patriot Day (September 11)
Veterans Day (November 11)


Flag Schedule

Flags are typically set out 1-3 days prior to the holiday and picked up 1-3 days after. In the event of rain, we must wait until the flags are dry before picking them up. As we are a group of volunteers, flags may take a few day to install or pick up so please be patient with us.
The flag lease program is based on a calendar year and leases expire on December 31. Renewals are accepted in the spring of each year.

How It Works

When you lease a flag from the Melissa Rotary Club. We place a capped PVC sleeve in the ground, at ground level, approximately 15" your front sidewalk or curb and we'll mark the curb. There are NO brackets or fixtures attached to your home.

We will place a beautiful 3' x 5' United State flag, mounted on a 10' metal pole, in the sleeve for each of the six national flag holidays. We set up, take down, maintain, and store the leased flags. 

Your donation brings beautiful American flags to the streets of Melissa during that calendar year, so order early to receive all six holidays. Order one or more flags for your home or business. Or, you may dedicate a flag in memory of a loved one at a school, the Melissa Cemetery, or another approved location. Drive through your neighborhood with pride as the red, white, and blue waves proudly.

What Does it Cost?

Flag leases are $60 per flag and we accept credit cards through our PayPal portal.

Order Your Flag

To order ONE flag ($60)
To order TWO flags ($120)