We value the service of our military community past and present. We reflect our commitment to honoring such service by offering several activities each year such as our Melissa Honors Military banner program, a Memorial Day ceremony, and a Veterans Day ceremony. Additionally, look for other ways to engage our military veterans and service men/women throughout the year.
Melissa Honors Military Banner Program
Our banner program recognizes former Melissa ISD students currently serving our country in the armed forces. Coordinating with MISD, we offer photo banners of each service member that hang at city hall (annually) from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Banner sponsorship is available and if you are interested, please send us an email at banners@melissarotary.org. We would love to talk with you!  Tell Me More.
Memorial Day Ceremony
Each year, on Memorial Day, we host a simple observance near the obelisk located on the west side of city hall. Sponsored by the Melissa Rotary Club, this obelisk honors each branch of service in permanent granite form. Our ceremony typically involves music, a guest speaker and appropriate music. Watch our site for information each year in May.
Veterans Day Ceremony
In November of each year we salute our veterans with a ceremony. With the completion of Rotary Park, at the corner of Throckmorton Rd and Liberty Way, we will move this annual ceremony from city hall in 2024. Watch our site for information about the service each fall.